About Me,

I work as an IT Tech Support, somehow I am not a geak in technology, instead, I am an outdoorsman. I do long distance backpacking, day hiking on mountain or flat trail, snowshoeing, fly fishing, traveling and above all, I love nature photography.  Over the years, I have collected quite a few shots I hope to share with you through my website and prints. Please enjoy viewing my work. If you would like to keep yourself a copy, do feel free to contact me on ordering prints, or, simply with a clicking of the "buy". Thank you!


About Philip's Camera Equipment

I picked up my first camera, an Olympus OM 2000 full manual film camera on a road trip in Maine after my high school graduation and before I headed out to college. Ever since, I only have Olympus camera in my bag. My current setup are all digital, Olympus m4/3rd system. 


About Philip's Fine Prints

My fine art prints are dye-based ink prints. These quality photographs are printed on Canon luster or semi-gloss paper, using Canon ChromaLife inks, resulting in incredibly vibrant colors and high archival ratings. All large size prints 13x19, 8x10 are matted with acid-free matte window with foam backing board and covered with glass clear bag. All the 5x7 size prints are matted with acid-free matte window with 0.4 mm particle backing board and covered with glass clear bag. Post card and half fold card are also available.